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Playing on our server is entirely free, this providing you the opportunity to experience and grow within our network prior to making any purchases. Purchases are final, no refunds. If you are banned for violating the Terms and Conditions, no money will be refunded back to you.

Also, you don’t get your money back if a rank is not everything you had hoped for. The exact nature of server ranks is constantly changing as we develop the game. We hope you buy a rank, primarily because it supports the network's growth.


By purchasing a rank from Xerox Network, you are purchasing access to control over virtual items on our servers. Your payment will be directly deposited to Xerox Network funds. 

All paid ranks are subject to change without notice.  The outcome of the games will be determined by your skill, not whether or not you purchase a rank. 

Thank you for your reading, agreeing, and understanding or Terms and Conditions.

 ›  Server Ip: Play.XeroxNetwork.Eu Port: 19132

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  • Owner Discord: ›  DaRealAqua#9324

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